Homesitting and Petsitters

Whenever people asked me if I had a dog, I would often reply that I would love to have a dog.  I have always wanted a samoyed or a chow chow, ever since I was little.  I’ve just loved the fact that they are so big, fluffy and cuddly, similar to a big teddy bear.  However I have also fallen for our family’s tiny little Lhaso Apso named Goldie who is extremely cute!


Below is a beautiful photo of Goldie with his girl friend Betsy that my Aunt took while on holiday to Pembrokeshire in Wales.  Don’t they make a gorgeous couple?  I have never been to Pembrokeshire myself yet, but I hope to change that sometime soon.  For more details on Pembrokeshire visit their website on

wales(above image copyright (c) R. D.)

Until recently I always believed that I could not own a dog because of the fact that I travel too much.  I would never want to put a pet I loved into a boarding kennel, I just don’t like the idea of them.  On page 45 of the Independent, Wednesday 6th May 2009, Sophie Morris educated me on this matter with her article on pet sitting and house sitting.  Companies in the UK will send someone to stay in your house while you are away on holiday to look after you pets.  I think it is a brilliant idea!  Likewise, the idea of house sitting and pet sitting is also appealing, I would have thought, to people who want to travel themselves, to another part of the country, and save money on accommodation, as well as getting a little pocket money.  Two of the companies referred to the article were the Homesitters, and Absentia.  Their websites for you to check out are as follows:




No doubt there are many more companies out there.  If you can get a reliable friend or family member to help out then naturally that would be the ideal solution.

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