Italian 101

Lesson 3

Italiano English
 Bugiardo  Liar
Smettila Stop it
Tu sei un bugiardo You are a liar
Smettere To stop
Sveglia Wake up
E ‘un bel giorno It is a beautiful day
Alzati, la colazione ‘e pronta Get up, breakfast is ready
Fai la doccia Have a shower
Va bene, mi lavo identi prima Okay, I’ll brush my teeth first
Letto Bed
Cuscino Pillow
 Io  I
Tu You
Lui He
Lei She
Esso (masculine)/ Essa (feminine) It
Noi We
Voi You
Loro They
Essi They (not persons)
 Io sono  I am
Tu sei You are
He/she is Lui/lei ‘e
It is Esso/essa ‘e
We are Noi siamo
You are Voi siete
They are Loro/essi sono


Alphabeto / Alphabet

       (Pronunciation tips)
a A a (as in car)
b B Bee
c C Chi (as in chicken)
d D Dee
e E E (as in eight)
f F Effe
g G Gee / or Ga (as in gaga) when used in gatto, Italian for cat
h H Acca / or H for Hotel
i I Ee
j J Jay
l L Elle
m M Emme
n N Enne
o O Oh
p P Pee
q Q Cu
r R Erre / or R for Roman
s S Esse / or S for Son
t T Tea
u U You
v V Vee/ or V for Value
z Z Zeta/ or Z for Zero

To listen to the MPEG-4 Audio files visit my website at to hear the alphabet, words, and phrases spoken in native Italian and native English (New Zealand).

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