Alice agrees: thinking is difficult!

“Thinking is difficult.  Thinking is complex.  And thinking is — more then anything else — a process, with a course or direction, a lapse of time, and a series of steps or stages that lead to process until one becomes accustomed to being “thoughtful.”  Since it is a process, the course or direction may not always be clear-cut.  Not all the steps or stages are linear, nor are they always in the same sequence.  Some are circular and overlap with others.  Not everyone seeks to achieve the same result.  Given all this, if we are to think well, we must be on guard against simplistic thinking in our approach to analyzing crucial issues and solving the problems of life.”

Source:  Peck, M. Scott M.D., Further Along the Road Less Travelled (Simon & Schuster, 1993, New York) 26.

For more information about books written by M. Scott Peck MD, please visit the following website

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