Giuseppe’s Calamari

raw squid

Tonight was time for another cooking lesson for me, as Giuseppe taught me how to cook Calamari.

STEP  1:   Take your squid, and pull out the tentacles from inside the squid and rinse them.  Check that the body of the squid is clean and remove any remaining soft bones or tissue.  To do that, turn the squid inside out and wash under a running tap.

STEP  2:  Chop your the body of your squid into pieces so that each piece is now in the shape of a ring.

STEP 3:   Place your squid rings and tentacles in paper towels to remove any moisture.

STEP 4:   Dip your squid rings and tentacles into a bowl of flour mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper.

STEP  5:  Place some oil into a frying pan, then fry the squid rings and tentacles until they are lightly browned.

 cooking calamari

STEP 6:  Take out the squids rings and tentacles and place on a plate that has been covered with thick layers of paper towels.

STEP  7:  Serve up while hot.  Enjoy!


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