Alices learns how to make a Pizza

Making your own pizza at home …  there is nothing like it!  The great thing here is that you can tailor make the pizza to exactly how you want it, using your favourite toppings and leaving out what you don’t like.  When we stayed with Eleanor and her family at the Isle of Wight,  Eleanor kindly gave me a few cooking lessons.  Below, are the directions Eleanor gave me to make an Italian home cooked pizza.

To begin with you will need a base for your pizza.   You have many options for this, you can: (1) buy a pizza base from the shops; (2) use a pita bread for your base; (3) buy a pizza mix and make that up for your base; or (4) make your own pizza base.

If you are making your own pizza base, follow your own recipe, or use the recipe below:

Mix 1 tablespoon of yeast with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and 1 cup of tap water in a small mixing dish.  Leave the contents to one side for about 20 minutes to allow the mixture to bubble.    In another dish, add 3 cups of flour and two pinches of salt, and add 1 tablespoon of oil.  Mix well and then add the contents of the smaller dish that contains the water/sugar/yeast, and mix again.  Cover this mixing bowl with a teatowel and place in a warm spot and leave for an hour or so.

pizza dough

It was my first trip to the Isle of Wight and we had just arrived.  We were staying at the house of our dear friends, and had been very busy catching up.  Too much to talk about, so that we lost track of time, and it was almost 8pm when we thought to get something to eat.

Eleanora had already prepared a home made pizza base.  The yeast had risen and the mixture was almost overflowing, but not quite.  She took out the dough, and spread it over a clean bench that she had lightly covered with flour.  The next step then is to flatten out your mixture until it is thin, and covers the width and length of your pizza dish.  Cover your pizza dish with a little oil and then cover with foil paper.  Now place your pizza base into the dish.

margharita pizza 

To make your tomato sauce, pour one or two tins of whole or chopped tomatos into a small mixing bowl.  Chop the tomatos into very small pieces, so that you form a consistency similar to mashed potatos.  Then add a handful of dried basil or fresh basil chopped into small pieces, into the mixture.  Also add two tablespoons of olive oil and mix.  Now turn the oven on and warm it ready for the pizza.  Spread the tomato sauce over the pizza in a very generous fashion.  Once that is done, place your pizza base into the oven to cook until it is firm.


While the pizza base is cooking, get your mozzarella out of the fridge and chop it into tiny little pieces.


Once the pizza base is firm, then take it out and scatter mozzarella cheese all over the top of the pizza.  Place the pizza back into the oven until the cheese has melted.  mozzarella on pizza

At this stage you will have made a Margharita pizza.  If you wish, you can now create a meat or a vegetarian pizza.  To do this, simply add whatever meat and/or vegetables you want, on top of the mozarella cheese, then sprinkle a few more bits of mozzarella cheese above your toppings before placing in the oven.


Your pizza is ready to serve, the cheese will still be very hot so be care (stai attenta), and enjoy.

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