Unlike physical beauty, Edward de Bono explains that the beauty of the mind can increase with age, wisdom and experience.  He also discusses the art of conversation, and the need to put aside ego and the need to be right, so that you can learn to be agreeable.  Being agreeable is not the same as falsely agreeing to everything as a pretence.  Instead, he recommends you try to find something you can genuinely agree about.  You could do this by agreeing to something in  a ‘certain’ situation under certain conditions. 

De Bono points out that there are many levels between ‘none’ and ‘all’ as follows:

none – a few – some – many – most – the majority – by and large – all

To have a beautiful mind you should avoid sweeping generalisations.  You could look at the special experiences and values that the other person holds and how that reflects on what they are saying. 

(Source:  Edward de Bono, How to Have a Beautiful Mind, Vermilion, London, 2004, pp 3-11).

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