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Today’s sermon was interesting.  The Minister today talked about the problem of the law being paralysed so that justice was perverted.  This made me think about my work, and what we do to try to help people who are experiencing difficulties.  And that brings me back to what we learnt way back in law school and in politics class, that lawyers are simply interpreters of the law.  But who makes the law is parliament and they are there are the will of the people.  In the news lately in the UK there has been a lot of coverage about politicians, more than normal, and the expenses issue.  Then the Minister moved onto the issue of trust and faith.  He made another interesting point that every one of us are sinners, and we vary only by the degree of which we are sinning.  I find this point he made particularly interesting.  I know of a number of people who are Christian and they do their best to live by the teachings of their faith.  As these people have done their best to do what they believe is right, they have come to the conclusion that they are in fact perfect in the fact that they are not a sinner like the rest of us and do not sin.  This way of thinking has the risk of turning people into narcissistic beings.  I read a very interesting book about this topic by Scott M. Peck when he discusses evil in his book called ‘The People of the Lie’.   You can find more details on Peck’s other books at his website.

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