Today was my very first visit to Birmingham.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the city is rather lovely.  I had up to now managed to avoid Birmingam, as I had heard very bad things about it.  But I could not avoid it today as I was sent there for work. 
I had a funny entrance into Birmingham.  I soon discovered that I had taken the wrong exit out of the train barrier.  I needed advice on how to get out of the train station and onto the road, so I went to the information booth.  I was told that I needed to go back past the barriers and into the train station again, so that I could go  out the other exit at the back of the station.  Well, I had already lost of train ticket.  But this time there were no train barrier machines, but people standing there taking your tickets.  Lucky for me.  So I was able to go back and find the individual who had taken my ticket from me and he remembered me, he also found the ticket I had given him, so he gave it back to me so I could go back into the train station.  I walked down some stairs, then down more, then across and up some stairs and then more stairs, and again more stairs.  FinallyI reached the other side and saw the sun again.  It was just a short stroll up a steep hill and then I found my way to Victoria Square. 
Victoria Square really impressed me.  There was a very prominent building that was the home of the City Council.  Then behind that was a Museum and Art Gallery, followed by a Contemporary Art Gallery.  There were also some very very big statues in a park like area.  You will never guess what I saw on the other side. Before you reach a small shopping mall, you will find a little enclosed area where people pay to go through the gates to sit on imported sand and on picnic tables.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  That area was full of children running around in the sand and making sand castles.  They were screaming and having tons of fun. The adults seemed to stick to the tables eating their lunch and supervising the children.  It really was quite a sight, since it was in the middle of the concrete maze, but it certainly did look fun!
The Museum had some incredible paintings inside, together with some impressive tea pots and coffee pots, and a lot of very old printing press materials.  It also talked about a ‘Jewellery Quarter’.  That reminded me that one of the big jewellery wholesale companies ‘Cookson’ is also based in Birmingham.  I really must come back here again to explore, maybe next weekend?  But my next video will definitely necessitate a camera.  In the meantime, you may want to check out the photos on the Birmingham Council website.

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