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Trescos, a popular bed and breakfast, has been featured in Lonely Planet, Japanese Globetrotter, and many translation books of Japanese to English.  Trescos is also featured on NZ 100% Pure NZ, and Rotorua Tourism.  Trescos has recently received further recognition of its superior standard when it was awarded with more stars. This is down to the dedication and effort of the proprietors, Trinka and Trevor. Trinka and Trevor moved into Trescos on 1st August 2005. They have spent the last four years updating and improving the bed and breakfast. A recently assessment by the NZ Qualmark Authority, have now given Trescos a quality award of 4 Stars.

If you have ever seen the television programme Hotel Inspector, then you will be aware of the significance of this achievement. I asked Trevor what it felt like to go under the magnifying glass.

“To subject oneself to an Inspection in which the result can vary between 1 Star and 5 Stars IS stressful. Tourism activities may be Qualmarked BUT they either have a Pass or Fail result, and if it be the latter, NO ONE IN THE OUTSIDE World has any idea that an Inspection has taken place. In our case, the result IS published for all to see, with NO right of appeal.” said Trevor

Rotorua is known  for the geothermal activity and geysers. Tresco is unique in that it is the only bed and breakfast to have 100% real geothermal hot pool where the water comes direct from the volcanic activity, that also provides the house with central geothermal heating. The temperature of their hot pool is usually around 39C but can be 40C, so its an extra special treat during those cold winter months.

Rotorua scrub and farmland

Are you interested in arts and crafts? Japanese culture? How about origami? Well, Trescos is in the unique position in that they have their own display of the NZ Origami collection, consisting of origami art and books that sets them apart from others. They are indeed, very special, and well worth a visit.


I did wonder how Trinka and Trevor came up with the name Tresco. I was soon learnt that Tresco is the name of an Island in the Isles of Scily, South of Cornwall UK. So it appears they have brought a little of their first home, in the UK with them. It is good to have sentimental momentos. But it turns out that they didn’t name the bed and breakfast. It was the previous owners that called it ‘Trescos’. Trevor explained that apparently, the original owners of the home had a “connection with that island with is sub-tropical feel enhanced by the near flowing Gulf Stream, so with the Geothermal here, it must have seen a right and proper name to consider”.


Trinka and Trevor were born in South Korea and Scotland respectively. Coming from opposite sides of the planet, it was destiny then that they should be brought together. Well it was the popular meetig spot. The same place where I met my husband. Yes, it was the UK. They met in UK, and subsequently married. They moved to South Korea to live. But do you wonder how they ended up in New Zealand. Well, if you think about the geographical location of the UK and its relation to Korea, then, it is only a natural progression that you would continue onto New Zealand. Well, hey, my Father did the same, but he went straight from the UK to New Zealand, without stopping anywhere on the way.


After Trinka and Trevor immigrated to New Zealand they decided to stay. Well, why wouldn’t they? New Zealand definitely has to be the ‘number one’ best place to live in the world, doesn’t it? Well, its pretty hard to beat, in any case. In New Zealand we have everything we could possibly want. Only 4 million people, in a land mass that is bigger than England, Scotland and Wales combined. That means you can drive down the roads and not meet any other cars for miles, so it is perfect if you like some peace and quiet!

Naturally there are still heavy congestion zones in the main centres in Auckland and Wellington. However the locals know the short cuts and secret roads, and can avoid the queues, or otherwise plan to drive at other times. Rotorua however doesn’t really get much traffic. Except of course on public holidays, especially Christmas and New Years. This is because Rotorua is a big tourist destination, popular not just with overseas tourists, but also amongst locals.

rotorua mt tarawera

There is so much to see and do in Rotorua. The forest stretches from the town out to the lakes, Blue Lake, Green Lake, Lake Okataina, Lake Rotoiti, Lake Rotoma, Lake Okereka, Lake Tarawera and so on. By now you should have got the picture that Rotorua has a lot of lakes. That makes this place perfect for ramblers, hikers, walkers, mountain bike riders, horse riders. Not to mention water babies, rowers, windsurfers, swimmers, and so on. So when Trinka and Trevor went looking for a place to invest in a Bed and Breakfast, Rotorua ticked all the boxes. They purchased a 1920’s house set on a quarter acre plot. It is a beautiful house that has a beautiful façade and when you see it you’ll feel at home right away.


The bed and breakfast is very conveniently located to the city being just a two minute walk away! Yes the shopping mall, is practically just behind the corner. The house itself is set in its own gardens, on a quiet, pretty tree-lined street. They have not always been in the B&B business. Before moving to Rotorua, they were both Real Estate Agents in Auckland NZ.   So it seems they have had a thing for houses and properties for a while now.  Certainly, they know a thing or two about finding the ideal location.

bird lake

Although they are certainly settled now in Rotorua, Seoul South Korea, is still what they consider as ‘home’, and it has the history, beauty, family, innovation, climate, and ‘shops to die for’, so I was told.  I have never been to Korea before, but its definitely on my ever growing list of must-go places to visit.  I wondered then what is their favourite place to holiday? It turns out to be Malvern Hills in England.


When they do get the opportunity, Trevor and Trinka like to spend their time playing golf, swimming, touring NZ, fishing, walking, reading, travelling in their caravan. Tresco is their home in which Trevor and Trinka love to live. Unlike most families at home, by virtue of the guests, they never have a day off, so each day is from 6.30am until 11pm. This may seem very tiring, but I am told it is a labour of love. Trevor told me “This IS by choice, and IS our commitment to those dear guests who wish to visit our New Zealand and who choose to stay in Rotorua with us.” Trevor leaves us with a beautiful quote “Remember, it is OUR choice what WE do each day of our life. To HAVE the day is a sheer bonus. To complain is unacceptable.”

Rotorua Sunset

The team at Tresco, Trinka and Trevor say Kia Ora to you and welcome you to their beautiful home. Be sure to check out their website at Next time you’re in New Zealand I recommend you pop in to say hello to the Tresco team, I know they would love to see you!

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