Reading on a crisp sunny day

We went to Forbury Gardens today.   To get to Forbury gardens we walked through the centre of Reading.  People were spilling out onto the cobbles from the cafes and restaurants that were buzzing with people drinking, eating, and conversing.  It made me wonder, are all these people here tourists, or do they actually live in Reading?  I asked my friends and they explained that most of these people live in Reading.  They do not necessary work in Reading, as it is popular for many people living in Reading to travel by train to London every week day for work.  I asked if there were many touristy things to do in Reading, and the answer was not really.  Apart from the Museum, which we couldn’t find, which is reportedly inside Reading.  However Reading is very close to many cultural attractions, such as Windsor Castle and a range of heritage houses.  There is also a money jungle activity thing somewhere nearby if you are keen on heights and fancy the idea of swinging from one tree to another.

church near forbury 2

Just before we reached Forbury gardens we passed a lovely little church, in fact we had passed many different churches in Reading.

church near forbury 1

In the true fashion of English Churches, this church had a very old cemetery on its surrounding grounds.  The church is perched on a corner. 

opp entrance  forbury 2

On one side across the road are a selection of old and very new and very tall buildings.  On the other side of the road is the entrance to Forbury Gardens.

opp entrance  forbury 1

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