Return from Reading

Tadaima!  We’re home!  Yes its been a great weekend and so much fun catching up with old friends 🙂  It’s also our very first trip away from home that we’ve actually been able to do since returning from New Zealand, so I almost feel like this is a milestone for us!  Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come, and we have already planned another trip away in a fortnight. 

The traffic on the way home tonight wasn’t quite as bad as it was yesterday, but we still got stuck in queues just after Heathrow and saw numerous traffic control cars, ambulances and smashed up cars, and of course the road work didn’t help matters.  So we felt very relieved to make it home safely, and very grateful.

return reading

Yesterday was a shocker for the traffic, we left here at 1.30pm and our ETA for Reading was 4.10pm.  We spent just under three hours stuck in a queue around Heathrow, and by the time we got to our friends house it was 7.30pm.  And was I famished!  Not to mention sticky and dehydrated.  Our car doesn’t have air conditioning so it was a nightmare sitting under the sweltering heat stuck in a basically stationary car for three hours.  I was so grateful to finally arrive to Reading, and thoroughly enjoyed the cool breeze and lower temperatures.  We had a barbeque and ate dinner outside that was just perfect.

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