The flying umbrella

Whoever thought an umbrella could be a hazard?  I had heard that ducks and flamingos and other flying birds can be hazardous to planes in the air.  However, what can be a hazard to a car?  So many things in fact.  We saw more than one accident in our journey this weekend and crushed cars along the side of the road.

As I walked out for my lunch break today a flying umbrella caught my eye.  It was moving down the street, jumping from one side to the other.  And it occured to me, who could have possibly lost a large green umbrella and not notice it?  Why would they not be chasing after it?  The street seemed deserted and I could not see anyone else around.  If a car came around the corner and had the umbrella fly into its windscreen would it really do any damage?  I do not think it would by itself.  However, if the driver does not seem it coming, and is not expecting an umbrella to come flying at it, then the sheer shock of it could cause an accident if the driver swerves suddenly into the other lane!

So if you are out driving today on these wet streets, beware of flying umbrellas!

Published by Alice Letts

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