Alice’s restaurant Review: The New Watermargin (Derby, England)

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Reviewed by Alice Letts

It was a Thursday evening and I was surprised to see the restaurant was full except for one table.  Then I realised this place must be well known and already popular.  I could not believe that I had never been here before.  Of course the reason for that was because the Restaurant is not in the town, and yet it is only a short walking distance of five or ten minutes.  If you know where the Westfield Shopping Mall is, then from there you just need to go outside to Waterstones that is on a corner, and then head up the side street past Hunters, and if you continue up the hill, you will reach the New Watermargin restaurant.  I just love a good Chinese restaurant.  The New Watermargin serves Cantonese cuisine.  That was one of the reasons I fell in love with Hong Kong all those years ago when I spent a week there when I was the bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding.  My most favourites of course are steamed dumplings, prawns of course, and fried bean curd is another. 

We went to the restaurant with a couple of friends to celebrate a birthday, and I could not have imagined a better setting to celebrate.  The inside of the restaurant is decorated beautifully with Chinese red and gold.  The areas in the restaurant are divided to make it feel very intimate.  There was a good variety of music playing softly in the background.  The bar area as you walk into the restaurant is the perfect hang out while you wait for the rest of your guests to arrive before moving to your table.


After we had all gathered in the bar we decided to move to our table.  It was past 7.30pm and after a long day some of us, not to name names, were absolutely starving!  In true Chinese fashion we were given a brilliant round table with the swivel glass top, excellent for groups especially and to pass the food around, or tea pot as the case may be.  The table already had one specials menu and one a la carte menu.  The specials were that you could eat all that you want for just£12.95, and you had the food cooked fresh and hot especially for you as you ordered from a set menu, impressive.  However I was looking for something in particular.  So we asked the waiter if he had any other menus, and he gave us a Japanese/English menu and another Chinese/English menu.  So between the Japanese, the Chinese and the a la carte menu, I made my order.  Steam prawn dumplings naturally, fried bean curd, and won ton soup – gorgeous!  The others ordered different food and the dishes all went to the middle of the table which meant we all got to share and try different things.


For dessert we had the most incredibly yam/taro toffee dumplings.   They smelt and tasted incredible.  It was so refreshing to be eating something new too that I had never ever tried before. 


Well what can I say, the food exceeded expectations, it was perfect.  Every one of us left that night very satisfied.   I recommend you make your next celebrationary meal, a meal to remember by dining at the New Watermargin.  If you prefer a private function room then you can book your own banquet room that includes additional facilities of Karaoke, definitely a bright idea for a group outing.  I will definitely have to tell the guys at work about this.  To book your table telephone +44 (0)1332-364754.  

The New Watermargin Restaurant, 72-74 Burton Rd, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 1TG.  Telephone 01332-364754.


Food:          10/10

Service:     10/10  

Interiors:  10/10

Cost:  Eat all you can for £12.95, or choose from a la carte, prices for mains approximately £7.00

Parking Available:  Yes, private off road car park

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