Thursday 20 August 2009

What an exhausting day! I skipped the gym this morning because I desperately needed to practise my piano pieces before going to work, as my lesson was this afternoon. Then during my lunch break I was busy running errands no other chance to practise. After work we drove straight to Loughborough for my lesson. It went really well, but I really was so very tired. After my lesson I drove us home, I realised I needed to keep up with my driving so that I don’t forget how. We were both too tired to cook dinner but were both famished, so we walked straight into town to grab a bite from Nandos. For a change we had the sweet corn instead of salad. Sweet corn also reminds me of my Mother who absolutely adores sweet corn, and my Father who grows lots and lots of it for her. The grilled chicken was good and the chips were delicious as usual. The bathrooms in Nandos at Westfield are very nice. They are quite unusual in that they have a shelf and full size sink and mirror inside every cubicle, and rather luxurious. I was thinking that the only thing missing is a shower!

Its typical isn’t it that as soon as I had finished eating, I felt a whole heap better. So we went home and I had grand ideas of practising more piano, and doing this and doing that. But it was already late. So after sorting out a bit of outstanding paper work, and a cup of tea, it was then time to retire. I couldn’t sleep though, so I got up again to practise the piano after all.

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