Thursday 27 August 2009

It was just a few months ago when I was in hibernation (inside joke!) that I did not know what day of the week it was or what date of the month, that is if I knew what month it was in the first place. So if anyone ever asked me what date it was, well, there was no way I was able to help. So it is very satisfying now that whenever anyone asks me what the date is, that I can automatically answer them without thinking twice about it. The reason for this is because I am now spending all day long every day recording things and keeping timesheets, so with every individual entry I am writing down today’s date. I think repetition really is key. Although having said that it remindsme of what one of my piano teachers told me, that only ‘perfect’ practise makes perfect. She went on to clarify that the worst thing a musician could do is to practise over and over something in the wrong way, because it is hard to undo later, not impossible, but time consuming and difficult to correct.

I felt so guilty when I did not go to the gym yesterday, I kept thinking all day, that maybe I should go later on. But when it came to 8.30pm and I was standing in the kitchen, I just thought to myself that although I could still go, I really could not be bothered. It was a dangerous path, if I kept that line of thinking up. I hear so often that the saying that we must break out of our comfort zones, and not to indulge in the easy life, especially one that is so sedentary. I think that will spiralling health problems associated with doing nothing, that this is something very much worth our consideration. I was determined though that I would absolutely definitely go to the gym today though, no matter how I might be feeling.

Fortunately for me the sun came out and brightened things for me. I felt really good, well rested and ready to face the day. So after a quick cup of tea and a little muesli I rushed out of the house and made it to the gym ….

…. and then back home again to get ready for the day ahead.

Published by Alice Letts

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