Saturday 29 August 2009

Later in the morning it appeared it was going to rain, so I went outside with my jacket and umbrella, but the sun soon appeared and the temperature rose too. So it was back home with me to drop off my jacket (I kept my umbrella!) and I picked up my sun glasses.

I was just telling my husband about the rare event I witnessed yesterday with an opera singer singing Ave Maria as I walked back from my lunch. No sooner had I finished talking, as we approached the same street and we heard the same person busking. Then I said to my husband, you see, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

It was Thomas Spencer-Wortley singing something in Italian, and my husband pricked his ears up, listening to the music.

Thomas sang a number of pieces, and the one below was again Ave Maria.

A sign up the front caught my eye, it was a quote from a national newspaper that described Thomas as the UK’s version of Il Divo.

There was more music further on in the Town Square, with a pop band from a church group that came from somewhere close to Nottingham. I could not help but notice their church name contained the word ‘vineyard’ in it. At first I was thinking of hmmm, wine. But then I wondered what made them choose to include the word vineyard in their name. Is it possible that their church meetings are held on the premises of a vineyard? Or more likely is it that they are wanting to reflect the idea of growing things and reaping the harvest? Or maybe they are referring to the Holy Communion and the blood of Christ?

There is a lot of development continuing in Derby to redevelop the city and the waterfront. Derby has been in the news lately over the low occupancy rate for retail stores, and the increasing number of empty shops in the city.


It seems the restaurants are struggling too. As we walked through town today we were inundated with people giving us handouts offering 25% discount and so on if we went to their cafe or their restaurant. But these flyers were no use to us as our lunch was already waiting for us at home.

There is a new bridge over the River Derwent located by the Silk Museum. The design is very modern and it is in fact a swing bridge, as it can be adjusted so that it goes over to the other side of the river, or it can be taken back so that it just stays on one side of the river.

What makes this bridge different is that it is a pedestrian only bridge, that links up with local footpaths.

The bridge is a little controversial in that a number of locals have criticised the bridge as a waste of money, mainly because they see no value in the bridge, as they do have the occasion to use the bridge because they do not go into part of town. But for the people who work down that way, it is particularly useful for lunch time shopping trips and excursions into the city.

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