Trip to London and the British Museum

It did not feel like a Sunday today, because of the fact that we did not go to Church. Instead it felt more like a Saturday. We woke up earlier than we might have liked, because we had arranged to arrive to a friend’s place by 9am! After stopping to fill up for petrol, we managed to leave Derby by 10am, and reached London before 1pm. Once we dropped our luggage off to the hotel we had to look for parking. It was a fairly nice hotel that was beautifully decorated and situated on the edge of Hyde Park. Unfortunately it did not have any parking, not even street parking. The Notting hill carnival nearby made things a little tricky too, so we ended up down the road at Shepherds Bush to find a place to park on the street. As it was the Bank Holiday weekend there was no congestion charge and the coupon parking was free, so that wa a bonus.

We found the most fantastic little cafe in Shepherds Bush that had a great selection of cakes and pastries. But we hadn’t had lunch so we headed straight to the savouries. We had a potato and something else thing that was okay, but my most favourite was the tomato and onion pancake, the texture was gorgeous and it was simply perfect! Once our stomachs were satisfied we took the tube to Holborn to take a look around the British Museum.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover an outdoors garden outside the Museum. It was called the ‘Indian’ garden and featured tropical plants, bananas, coconut trees, mangos, and more.

Once inside the museum we headed first of all to the section on Ancient Egypt. I was fascinated with the ‘Rosetta Stone’ that made me think immediately of the language software provider RosettaStone.

We continued into the section on the ground floor for Ancient Egypt. My camcorder ran out of battery though before we made it through to the section on Greece that was a shame.

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