Fireworks at Derby Feste 2009


Derby was bustling this weekend with more activity than usual. I don’t know why, but I guessed it must be because of the 2009 Festival going on in Derby called the Derby Feste. They blocked off the pedestrian bridge over the Cathedral Green during the day on Friday 4 September 2009 as the officials set up for the fireworks display.  Can you find the large floating ball that was skimming across the sky in front of Derby Cathedral?  Behind the trees it almost looks like a bright moon.

The fireworks did not last as long as they did at the Darley Abbey Park on Sunday 6 September, but were still entertaining. They began with a violent blast as rockets sped into the sky and then erupted into beautiful bright colours as they came back down towards the Green. The Green was swelling with spectators and there was music for entertainment, and a range of very tall people on stilts wearing large masks that looked like papermaches. We had friends staying with us who had just come up from London for the night, so the fireworks was a very good ‘Welcome to Derby’ for them. Yes, I think they did get a good impression of the place, and I hope they’ll be back again soon. It is always so much fun having friends over.

derby feste 1

derby feste 2

derby feste 3

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