Alice in the John Bunyan Museum

The Pilgrim Song

Who would true valour see

Let him come hither.

One here will constant be

Come wind, come weather.

There’s no discouragement

Will make him once relent

His first avowed intent

To be a pilgrim.


Whoso beset him round

With dismal stories

Do but themselves confound:

His strength the more is.

No lion can him fright,

He’ll with a giant fight,

But he will have a right

To be a pilgrim.

Hobgoblin nor foul fiend

Can daunt his spirit;

He knows he at the end

Shall life inherit.

Then fancies fly away,

He’ll fear not what men say,

He’ll labour night and day

To be a pilgrim.


– John Bunyan (1628 – 1688)

John Bunyan was born in Elstow, a small village just outside Bedford (Bedfordshire, England, UK) .  The Jail where Bunyan spent many many years is in the town centre of Bedford on the edge of the river and still stands there today.   If you get the opportunity to visit Bedford and are interested in Bunyan, then you must make time to visit the John Bunyan Museum.  The Museum is just behind the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, very close to the city centre. 

There is a wealth of information on John Bunyan on the internet.  To see the complete works of John Bunyan you can refer to John Bunyan online.

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