Stroll into the country

sheep 1

I haven’t had much opportunity to update this blog as frequently as I did.  We have spent the last two weekends away visiting family.  We like to go into the Peaks district to explore the countryside, get fit on the long cross country walks, and admire the wildlife.

sheep 2

The Peaks district is a very busy spot, especially with the tourists.  That means that summer and the weekends will find the area teeming with trekkers and hikers, and people setting up tents and pulling caravans.  Holiday homes, also called static vans are a home away from home that are found usually inside the security and comfort of holiday parks.  You may be aware of the theme park ‘Alton Towers’, and there are a couple of holiday parks nearby there.  There are also quite a large number of holiday parks near Ashbourne.

Last weekend we made it up to Chatsworth again, and as we were there, we just simply could not go home without visiting the farmshop.   The object of our desire was the ‘lemon and lime’ cheesecake – absolutely divine!  Just down the road is the studio and gallery of Englands reknown wildlife artist Richard Whittlestone.   Inside the gallery was a good selection of originals, or for people more on my sort of price bracket there were prints available for purchase too.  It did not take me long to find my ‘favourites’ but that made it much too tricky as there were too many that I liked and it was hard to decide on just one!  After much oohing and ahhing, we were finally ready to leave.  Before we left, the artist himself had arrived, and we were all very excited to meet the man himself in person!   I also noticed that Roger Whittlestone does commissions for pet portraits as well.  Definitely a persuasive present for those animal lovers out there, and for those to whom their pet animal has become their replacement child.  A little mosquito found within every picture painted by the artist is the signature of Richard Whittlestone, and one you should look out for.

Afterwards we had a windswept walk up above Baslow, not far from Chatsworth Park.  The cliffs there were crawling with people doing abseiling and rock climbing.  For reasons unknown to us, a large number of people were carrying rectangular padding with them that appeared to be mattresses, but it seemed to us an odd place to be carrying mattresses, unless they were to be used for camping.  Other ideas we had were that they were to be placed at the bottom of the cliff that they climb up just in case they fall down then they will have a safe landing?  Is that right?  I just do not know.


This weekend however we didn’t go shopping in any of the gorgeous little villages nearby, but we did drive through Hartington to park there in order to go for a good stroll.   There was the most beautifully decorated house there, just covered in flowers and plants.

Our walk took us through a number of farms, the first of which hosted the cutest of sheep.  For some reason the tail and wool of the sheep reminded me of a cuddly dog, like a big chow chow or something like that.

Interestingly, the first farm house we came across was also a bed and breakfast.   Not only that, the also served high tea.  Not a bad idea, and if only I wasn’t so stingy I would have sauntered up and found myself a table too.  However, we held onto our little pennies, and made it back the holiday home.

Once settled, we had our very own ‘high tea’.  We enjoyed the stock of fresh selection of delights.  The combination of whipped cream, strawberries and scones, were just … perfect!


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