Alice’s language woes


Languages, a part of culture, a way to communicate.   There are so many different languages out there.  It has been said that it is easier for young children to learn languages, but does that mean that adults should simply give up, and not try?

Well a good friend of mine recommended the Language Show to me that is being held in London at the end of this month over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I’m planning to go to it and am really looking forward to it.  I used to study Japanese at University and am still interested in language resources for that since I have forgotten a lot of it.  My focus at the moment though is to learn Italian.  So far it has been a very slow process, so I am hoping that attending the language show will help give me a boost.  You can get a free ticket to enter the show if you register in advance on their website.  To get an idea of the workshops available at the language show you can download a copy of their programme here.

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