Alice gets back into her jewellery




Thanks to my good friend Leonie, I have made it back into the creative and satisfying world of beading and jewellery making!  I had been so distracted lately, with this and that, so much so, that I had not even realised that it had been many months since I had even made any more jewellery.

Last night I spent the evening looking through ‘My beading journal” again, and it inspired me to take action.  I found my tools, my beads, and set myself up sorting through everything.  It took more than a couple of hours simply sorting through my beads and putting them back into some sort of order.  It appeared that the last time I had been using these I had put things away very hastily.  I noticed too that I was short of some small plastic dividing boxes.

So today I made a mission to go into town and head straight for the £1 store/99p store.  I was very pleased with my purchases, I found exactly what I needed, and the price was very reasonable.  As an extra bonus I also found a baby blue casserole dish for the oven for just 99 pence!  Incredible isn’t it 🙂

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