Monday 21 December 2009

Giuseppe phoned the number on the form from the Naples airport and gave the application number for the lost luggage.  It was a recorded system that answered and when Giuseppe entered our application number it said that the luggage was still lost.  What an absolute headache!

Today was Pina’s birthday.  Her present had been lost because I had packed it in our suitcase, so I did not have anything to give her.  So we had gone down to the hobby store in Policastro a couple of days before and bought some supplies for me to make some jewellery for Pina to replace her present.  I made some cute little earrings and a necklace and then wrapped it up with music paper.  I was very pleased with the result.  I gave it to Pina this morning together with her birthday card.  We had lost our entire pack of Christmas cards from England in our suitcase, but fortunately I had packed the single cards in our hand luggage.


Today we went to my nephews school, Lorenzo, to watch him perform in the end of year school play.  It was a great experience.  The decorations and outfits were cute, the little green elf hats, the angels with their gold wings, and the red santa claus and Mrs Santa Claus.  You can see the place was absolutely packed with proud parents.


This next picture is taken just up the road from the school.  I was intrigued with the gate of this house because its shape reminded me of that of the entrance of Maraes back home.

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