Alices gets ready to party

Sunday 20 December 2009

Today we went to church in the morning.  On our way home I saw a poster that advertised a festival in Sapri on the 23rd of December starting at 6pm.  I showed it to Giuseppe and he agreed we could go to it.  There were going to be bands, music, and I was really looking forward to it.

During the last few days we had our mobile phone with us at all times, and we always had it with us when we left the house. We were hoping to get a phone call from Naples airport to tell us they had found our suitcase.  But we did not receive any phone calls or text messages about our luggage.  There were no phone calls to our home either.  Today was the last of the five days that they told us to wait before we could buy anything to replace our lost items from our luggage.

It was Lorenzo’s birthday today and he had a few friends coming over for his birthday party. We were busy today as we spent half the day in the kitchen cooking these pastry party things.  I can’t remember the name.  They were sort of like sweet pastry canneloni that we wrapped around a bamboo stick and fried in the pan until golden crisp.  They come out looking like what I think are soft brown brandy snaps.  They then get filled with a custard filling, either with chocolate added or without.  If I had my way however I would simply add fresh cream and leave it at that. 

Later in the evening Giuseppe and I went down stairs to blow up the balloons and hang them up.  I was very pleased with the result it looked very good.  It was an enjoyable evening, plenty of food, and lots of noise! 


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