Alice causes chaos

Thursday 24 December 2009

We had planned to go to Salerno today.  However the opportunity arose to take a ride to Padula today because Andrea needed some tractor parts from a shop in Padula. The really funny thing here is that I was just taking photos of the scenery while I was standing outside this tractor/farm shop and I was approached by the owner of the shop.  He came out to me when he saw me standing there taking photos.  He was speaking to me in Italian and I didn’t understand a word he said to me.  All I could do was stand there saying hello, and I speak only a little bit of Italian.  Fortunately my husband came out then and he explained to the man that I spoke English.  Apparently, that man had thought that I was a spy [investigator] from the Italian tax office! he he.  Isn’t that hilarious!  Actually it makes you wonder why they should be concerned about that?  When he discovered that I was simply a tourist, he was very much relieved, and then started to laugh – with relief no doubt. 

I had learnt there was a music store in Padula that was having a sale on, so I wanted to visit that too.  The music store was a little disappointing, but still always worth a visit. The scenery in Padula and between Padula and Torre Orsaia was breath taking again with gorgeous mountain views.

Giuseppe telephoned the number in Naples he had been given from the guy at EasyJet.  However nobody answered the telephone.  Then Giuseppe telephoned the number for the Italian call centre to check status of luggage.  The recorded voice said the luggage had not been found.  It said in their system it says we collected the suitcase on the same day, 16 December and therefore they cannot do anything for us.  She said she can’t phone us back to tell us what is going on.  She said she will email or telephone Naples airport to see what is going on.  However before she can do that she said we need to telephone her back to see if she has had any feedback from Naples.

This was causing an extra expense because we have to pay for each call that we make! We think EasyJet should reimburse us for the money we spent on calling them.  The lady at Easyjet then informed us that we could have spent up to £25 each for the first three days, and then nothing after that.  Well that is all good and well in hindsight!

She said we said can file a claim after 21 days and that we need to specify to choose either travel insurance or easy jet.

We had to pay extra money to pay to have the suitcase on the plane, around £20, and yet they lost it!  They should reimburse us the £20 we paid to have the luggage.

Giuseppe telephoned the number again that he had been given by Easyjet for Naples airport.  However nobody answered the telephone.  Maybe everyone had gone home early because it was Christmas Eve? 

It was disappointing having missed out on the festivities from the night before.  But I soon cheered up when Pina and Andrea and Lorenzo came up to join us for dessert.  We had the Pandoro with chocolate chips that was scrumptious together with a little champagne.  I had had a little too much wine during dinner though so I dared not have more than a sip of the champagne for fear of falling over!  However after many cups of espresso and caffe lattes, I soon sobered up!

This evening I found out they were doing a midnight service at Torre Orsia for Christmas Eve.  The service was due to start at 10.30pm.  We went to the service with Pina, my sister in law, and my nephew Lorenzo.  Until then the weather here had been fabulous with blue skies and sun.  But tonight it started to rain down very heavily.  The service was late starting, and it seemed to go on for a very long time, so by the time we finally arrived home it was around 2am in the morning.

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