Alices returns to Salerno …… without her camera

Monday 28 December 2009

Torre Orsaia

I forgot to mention that yesterday we went back up to Torre Orsaia in the evening to take my Mother-in-law and my Grandma-in-law to Church.  As we had already been to so many services already this week, we decided not to go in.  Instead we took this opportunity to walk around this mountain village at night time to take some photos.  The houses and streets were lit up with festive Christmas lights and it was very pretty walking along the cobbled lanes. 


We bumped into my nephew and sister-in-law while we were taking photos.  At first we didn’t recognise each other.  Pina explained she thought we were just tourists, and was surprised when we turned around to see it was us!   They were on their way to visit Pina’s sister up the road.  So after we finished taking our photos we went up to meet them at Pina’s sister’s house.  Pina’s sister has three little girls and a baby boy, and it was cute watching them at play.  I tried to hold the baby boy but that didn’t last long as no sooner was he on my lap and then he started to scream.  I guess I’m not baby material after all! He he  J


Train to Salerno

Today we got up early to take the train to Salerno.  It was an enjoyable day out, and I admired the rows of beautiful shops, until of course they closed for lunch.  Our stomachs were grumbling by that time anyhow so we decided to follow suit and popped into a small bar/café.  The quality of the food and the prices were superb, we had French fries, a ham and mozzarella calzone, and a sausage and mozzarella pastry, all for just 6 euros.  Not bad for the two of us.  Not only that but it was so filling, that we couldn’t even get to the calzone, and ended up packing it up to take away with us. 

After we finished our lunch we noticed the shops were still closed.  Signs on the shops varied but most said they would not open again until 5pm or 4pm at the earliest.  So we headed away from the city and walked towards the seaside.  On our way we passed this magnificent pastisserie.  I asked Giuseppe what the many varied items were but he told me he had never seen most of them.  So it was an adventure for both of us.  I ended up choosing a little sponge circle thing that had been soaked in brandy or something similar and coated with chocolate mousse and then hard chocolate and chocolate hundreds and thousands.  It was very rich, but most delightful, it certainly got my tick of approval.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to show from Salerno as we decided not to take our camera with us since it is heavy and we were taking the train.  We knew we would be busy walking up and down everywhere.  It was a relief that we didn’t take the extra baggage, because we were both exhausted by the end of the day.  We did an awful lot of walking, so it was fabulous exercise, but it was very tiring.

While in Salerno we went to the music shop and I tried out a digital piano there.  I practised my Fats Waller and Brahms.  I had been looking for a book on Ravel.  However, the shop owner was very rude and curt with us.  So we walked out without buying anything because of his attitude.

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