Alice accosted by anchovy donut – its a New Year’s delight

Happy New Year!  Best wishes for 2010!

This morning, I woke up to be greeted with Giuseppe standing over me offering me what seemed to be a donut.  Ummm, so I thought!  Until the taste of anchovies came bitterly to my taste buds through the donut.  That certainly was a shock, and made me sit right up in bed.  I had no alternative but to keep my mouth firmly shut and my throat closed as tight as I could, while I searched frantically for some tissue paper.  I’m afraid I just couldn’t quite get used to that idea of the combination of fish and donuts.  I like tempura, and I like anchovies.  However, a donut is not quite the same.  However, in addition to the anchovie donut, they also made some plain donuts with  nothing in them that I preferred.  Although I did say that I thought that bits of banana inside the donut would be a preferable alternative for me to anchovies!  Each to their own.


It is an incredible day here today.  Although it is winter here in Italy, the sun is out and is so strong that I can feel it burning even through my clothes.  It is inspiring and puts me in a good mood too, to see the blue sky out again.  Last night the fog was very thick, and I hope it will be a better night this evening.

The cats were enjoying the weather too, doing some sun bathing on the veranda as the laundry was drying.

The sponge cake we baked yesterday has been sitting on the kitchen bench ever since.  It looks terribly lonely and I’ve felt very sad that we are not allowed to eat it until tonight!  Oh well, that’s life, he he.  We will be cooking our afghans later this afternoon.  I wanted to make some Anzac biscuits too but we couldn’t find any golden syrup so that put an end to that plan.

This afternoon my nephew came over to me as I was typing up on the laptop at home.  So to entertain him I showed him the photos we had taken and printed out a couple for him from his birthday party with the greeting compleanno.  For a couple of hours Lorenzo enjoyed using the paint application and creating his own drawings.  He became frustrated after a while and ended up deleting what he had been working on.  This was his last attempt in which he kept it simpler and just used text.

We finally made it down to Scario for the fireworks, and it was a spectacular display! 

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