Alice catches sea spray

Tuesday 29 December 2009

The saga of the missing suitcase goes on.  Giuseppe phoned the number in Naples airport to get an update but there was no answer.

We went to Scario this evening and I finally got the chance to go to the internet café to update my blog.  The internet connection at my in-law’s is only dial up and even that is not reliable as it keeps disconnecting me, so I simply gave up on that.  It really is great to finally get back onto broadband, although the prices for the internet café meant I had to try to keep my time very limited.  As a result I did not get a chance to check my emails, but I will try to do that another day soon.

As we parked our car at Scario, we came across an old friend, Veto, who we had made friends with at our wedding last year at the Hotel il Giardino in Scario.  It was a fabulous surprise to meet up with him again, and he looked very well indeed.

Fortunately for us it had stopped raining, and so we took this opportunity to take some photos of Scario lit up at night.  I just adore being in Scario, it is such a beautiful little seaside town.  I often dream about someday having a little apartment there, wouldn’t it be a great place to live.

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