Alice makes chocolate afghans & sponge cake

Thursday 31 December 2009 – PM

It was 4pm and before we headed out for the day we helped my Mother-in-law to make the custards for the sponge cake.  The first custard was made that was a typical yellow colour and it was cooked with a lemon rind in the saucepan. 




The second custard was basically the same mixture but with cocoa added to give it a chocolate flavour.  After these both finished cooking we poured each of these out to a separate dish to cool down.  Now it was time to go back down to Scario.

It was a relief to have finally made it to the internet kiosk today, because it was closed   when I had arrived yesterday.  They do not have any set opening hours so it is always hit and miss.  While I was writing up this blog, Giuseppe took my nephew Lorenzo for a photographic expedition along the coast, and they took turns to take photos.  

Lorenzo had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed using the camera.  Actually I was a little surprised that Giuseppe allowed him to use the camera.  But I understand he was supervising to make sure nothing could get broken.  The two of them walked past Scario and along the coast.  Their photos of the cliffs there reminded me of the boat trip we took along the coast last year at our wedding. 

By the time we arrived home time was getting on, and it was almost 6pm.  The custard had cooled by now and so my Mother-in-law went about cutting up the sponge cake, pouring Vermouth over the cake, and adding the custard between the layers of cake.  While this was being done, Giuseppe whipped up some cream, and then this was used to mix together with the chocolate sauce, and the rest of it was spread over the very top layer of the sponge cake for decoration.


While this was all going on I began making the chocolate Afghans that I had been looking forward to.  The idea came to me because I still had half a box of cornflakes that needed to be used.  My Mother emailed me the recipe she uses that comes from the New Zealand Edmonds Cooking Book.  Paloma had also given me a copy of the Edmonds Cooking Book, but of course my copy was at home, and not with me on holiday.  Naturally it had not occurred to me to bring it with me on holiday, but given that our suitcase was lost by the airline, then I’m very glad I did not pack it.

Below is the recipe we got from the Edmonds book for Chocolate Afghans.  The thing that I would probably change though if making these biscuits again would be to halve the amount of butter and double the amount of cornflakes for a great crunch.


200g ( 7 ozs.) butter         

25g ( 1 ozs ) cocoa

75g   ( 3 ozs ) sugar         

50 g ( 2 ozs ) cornflakes

175g ( 6ozs ) flour


Soften butter, add sugar and beat to a cream; add flour, cocoa and lastly cornflakes.  Put tea spoonful on a crease oven tray and bake about 15 minutes about 180 c or 350 F.  When cold, ice with chocolate icing (or melted chocolate) and put half a walnut on the top of each biscuit.

We had a lovely meal together and then afterwards we went down to Scario to see the fireworks.  There was a bonfire and music, and as an extra treat we also got to see the fireworks from all the other villages around the Coast, from Policastro, Sapri, and beyond.




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