Alice heads up to Caserta

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Today was our last day in Torre Orsaia and we took the train to Caserta to catch up with Valentina and my brother-in-law.  During the holidays I made a cute little necklace and earrings set from which I gained inspiration from our shopping trips.

On the train to Caserta there were many tunnels that played havoc with my poor ears.  I decided not to read, but instead enjoyed the views of the mountains and the coast.  We also passed by a couple of highways.


We passed the yachts in Agropoli, the ruins of the old greek city and also Paestum (forgive me for the spelling mistakes as I am not sure of the correct spelling of those place names).  After a couple of hours we made it into Caserta.  I really wanted to go into the palace in Caserta to take photos, but it apparently only opens on Wednesdays, and we are flying out tomorrow so we won’t get the opportunity this time round.  Will need to try to plan it in for the next trip.

I admired the nativity and christmas tree and Francesco and Valentina’s, very pretty indeed, bellissima.

This little bon boniere turtle is gorgeous.

For the first time I tried a great little delicacy, that was a slice of lemon sprinkled with sugar.  Very refreshing.  I also had a lesson in how to make lemoncello.


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