Alice in the bitter garden

I woke up this morning to find the garden outside covered in a white layer.  Surely not snow again?  I knew it had been bitterley cold the day before, but surely not.  I blinked, then squinted through the glass, and realised that it was something more familiar to  me than snow, and was indeed frost.  Well, that’s it for the fragile plant life in the garden.  Thinking about that, I do not know exactly what is in this garden.  When we first moved here in early January we did not know exactly what was in the garden because everything was covered with a thick layer of snow.  Now that the snow has melted away, we are left with a green lawn, a couple of plants along the fence, and a few small spots of soil that have some ‘things’ stuck in them.  I am not sure whether they are plants that produce flowers or what, but they are mostly brown and look rather dead. 


 Is it possible they are in a sort of hibernation and may well come back to life in Spring?  There are a lot of dead leaves down there too, so when the weather improves I will need to get to it and sort these all out.  In the meantime I will be looking for some gaps to plant some vegetables.  There is nothing better than home grown organic vegetables to enjoy. 


  I did not take these photos until the end of the day when the sun had gone down, and so they are not particularly clear and rather dark, but they give you some idea of what our little patch outside looks like.

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