Alice learns “How to rise up again from failure”

It was a great start to the day, I had a good chat with my parents.  They told me about a sermon they had heard on TV that morning by Crystal Cathedrals, the Hour of Power.  This particular one was read by a Maxwell.  I do not know if or when they show this programme here on tv, but I do know that they have a website I can access.  And so I found the video of their sermon on their website, and was very pleased too to find their message written down in text format too.  It is titled ‘Learning to Fail Forward’ and is fantastic reading.  I found this message very inspiring, and if you have a minute I recommend you check it out.  In his message, John C. Maxwell says that although every one fails and everyone is a sinner, every person reacts differently to their situation.  Maxwell states that each person has a choice. There are basically two choices as follows:

  1. You can choose to become negative, not learn any lessons from your failure, and make the same mistakes over again; or
  2. You can  choose to learn lessons from your failure and continue with hope and faith, and try harder next time.

Well that is briefly what I got from the message, but you will need to read it straight from Maxwell yourself.  He continues to say that those people who move on to achieve in their life, have also failed, but they have not given up.  Instead acheivers have persevered, and they have chosen to be positive and take advantage of other opportunities that may arise. 

One of the stories I like from Maxwell is the one he tells about a husband who had lost his job.  This was clearly a disappointment and could discourage many people.  When he arrived home to tell his wife what had happened, her reply to him was “well, now  you have time to write that novel you had been talking about”.  He went on to write the book ‘Scarlet Letter’.  Can you think of other examples?  I have certainly thought of examples from my own life, where things  may not have gone as planned, but then those situations forced me to think of other options, which often enough led to much greater things.

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