Alices see blue and white

Am I talking about the colours of France?  Not this time.  On this occasion, I am referring to the gorgeous views that greeted me from the window.  The white frost over the garden brought back memories from home, and it really is quite amazing the wonderful feeling seeing a garden can have on you.  The blue sky was a treat too.  Unfortunately, I was too busy to get the chance to go out at lunch time today, so by the time I managed to get outside it was dark again. 

The last time I went to the doctor I was told that I need to go for a walk every day, of at least 20 minutes.  Its been pretty difficult to convince myself to do that with this cold weather.  However we managed to go for short walk tonight after we got home.  The cold air, although crisp, was refreshing and I really appreciated since I had been stuck inside all day.

Yesterday we managed to go for a fairly long walk, lasting just under three hours – not bad, according to my standards anyway.  We walked up and down the park in Darley Abbey.  I lost the lid to the lens of my camera, which I didn’t realise until we had come to the end of our walk.  So that meant we had to do our walk all over again, this time with both our heads fixed to the ground.  You wouldn’t believe it but we did eventually find my lens cap, another small miracle.


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