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Just another day.  Nothing new to report here.  Enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea in my effort to do something healthy.  Another long day today and no chance for a lunch break.  Felt exhausted and fancied a little nap when I got home.  Was there any chance of that?  I’m afraid not, not with my nagging husband, do this, tidy that.  Oh well, I suppose I need a little encouragement to do things now and again, I know he spoils me really.  Anyway, I better go now, as my first piano student to tonight has arrived.  That cheers me up at least, as it is a lot of fun teaching – I never knew I had missed my calling?  I think the subject matter makes the difference.


…. much later ….

Well my last student for today has left.  And guess what greeted me as I settled down in the lounge?  The most incredibly delicious stir fried rice.  My husband had obviously been busy while I was teaching.  I was so very grateful.   It was great to be able to just relax now and not have to cook.  I don’t know how he did it, but the rice dish was simply exquisite! ummm

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