Alice counts the days to Christmas

Its hard to believe it is the end of another week already, and today especially has just whizzed by.  It was non stop for me, and so intense that by the end of the day I had the most persistent and painful headache.  To top it off the road where I worked was blocked and there were long queues of traffic from many side roads all trying to come out into the same road due to diversions, and we just sat there, some cars honking, but no one able to move.  For a stretch of road that usually takes 3 to 4 minutes to drive through, it took us 40 minutes!  Yes, 40 minutes exactly, can you believe it!

At the moment we’ve got the TV running in the background and I’m sort of trying to watch a little bit of the series ‘Popstar to Operastar’.  Its a very enjoyable programme.  Anything to do with music or dancing usually takes my fancy.  I’ve been wanting to do some more dance classes myself, for quite some time now, but I do not think that will become a reality now until next year sometime.  Still, that’s not too long to wait in the long scheme of things now is it?  Have you heard Danny Jones singing?  Well we are all very impressed, what an incredible voice he his command of the stage reminded me something of the time I saw Johnny Legend in person opening the concert for Black eyed peas.

I have some exciting news today though.  We finally made the decision to definitely go to New Zealand for Christmas this year, 2010.  So I am very happy indeed.  I have got my map of New Zealand back out again, and my Lonely Planet guidebook too, and am now researching events and accommodation etc to sort out our itinerary.   In my search I came across this video from my favourite town of Wellington that made me a touch homesick 😦

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