Alice recalls the Choo Choo Train from Kuirau Park

Chuga chuga chuga chuga choo choo!  That’s what I remember of the sound from the little train at Kuirau park many moons ago.  I have fond memories of going down to Kuirau park with my parents for picnics on warm sunny days.  There was a little train that went around the park, and the most exciting thing was that it went through steam and over bubbling mud, it was quite the thrill.  Unfortunately they have now removed the fun park at Kuirau park, and so the little train there no longer operates.  It seems a great shame for the future generations of children who will not be able to experience it.  I do not know why it had to go, but can only speculate it may have been for health and safety reasons due to the park exploding with thermal activity on more than one occasion.


I always look forward to the weekend, not just for the opportunity to sleep in and take things easy, but also because it is a rare opportunity for me to be able to go outside during the day when it is still sunlight to take photos.  We had a good long walk yesterday.  Part of our walk took us through Markeaton park in Derby.  This park does not have as many dogs in it as does Darley Abbey Park, but it still has a fair number, but mostly you tend to see families with young children.  Markeaton park is ideal for a family outing because it has so many activities, from the paddling pool in summer, the putt putt, a mini golf course, a couple of play ground areas, a little crafts villages with painting activities and so on.  We saw a little train as we walked through the park, and little children running up to the train, and this reminded me of the fun times I used to have myself on the little train in Kuirau park when I was young.


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