Alice goes bird-spotting in Markeaton Park

It was another cold day today, but not cold enough to freeze the water on the ponds though.  We had a good walk today, discovering new places along the way, and by the time we had returned home more than two hours had passed.   I was pleased to realise that we had done a fair amount of exercise today.  It was no wonder then that I just flopped when we arrived home, I could not do anything except curl up on the couch under a duvet. 

We did not have the gorgeous blue sky and sun that we had last week, so I did not expect to see many people at the park.  However I was surprised to see a small crowd of people out with their children and the family pets. There were even people camping out along the lake edge with numeous fishing rods in the lake.  It did not look like they would have much success, but then you never know.


We walked along the small lake and spotted a number of geese and swans and other birds.  There was a peculiar incident involving a swan and a little dog.  I was just standing near the edge of the pond about to take the photo of a swan.  I had the flash turned off so as not to startle.  The little dog that was coming into view grabbed my attention because he looked similar to a Lhaso Apso, that is the same sort of dog of my Aunt.  I was startled then by the sound of the swan next to me.  The swan had put his neck and head up over the footpath and his mouth was wide open as he made a loud snarl and hissing sound.  For a second there I was not just surprised by quite terrified.  I had heard that swans could be vicious but I never recalled hearing a swan make such a sound before.  It sounded exactly like what I would have expected a snake to sound like when making an attack.  Well, you can imagine what happened next … we all swiftly moved along!


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