Alice discovers clothes swapping

Hello everyone, and Happy Valentines!  How was your day?  We had gorgeous weather here, well in the morning at least.  The sky was blue (an essential!) and the sun even came out.  Although it was cold, it was not unbearable.

I am still very pleased with my new discoveries.  Someone I knew in Bedford told me about Freecycle a couple of years ago, but I had later heard about Freegle but could not find it, until the other day, and last night I signed up to Freegle too. 

You will never guess but I found a couple of pianos on there, for free.  Its just a shame that we have absolutely no space here to add another piano.  I can imagine that is probably one reason why these people were wanting to get rid of their piano.

Today I came across this website that looks excellent too.  It is about clothes swapping and provides a way for you to get new clothes (second hand) without spending any money – fantastic!  These sites are good if you are looking for things for yourself, as well as for gifts for friends and family.  They eco-friendly and you will be doing your bit towards sustainability and helping the planet, not to mention  your wallet.

Covert Candy essentially involves you posting photos of clothes you want to get rid of, and you list them for credits, and when you have posted off your item to someone who wants it, you then get credits in exchange that you can use to choose something for yourself from the website.  Did I mention they do jewellery too, so it is not just clothing.   If you are on twitter then you can follow Covert Candy at to receive updates on new listings.

Another website is called Big Wardrobe, and it has over 70,000 listings right now at this time, and almost 27,000 members worldwide. 

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2 thoughts on “Alice discovers clothes swapping

  1. Hi Alice. It is exciting that there are more and more ways of getting stuff cheaply or free, and that the stigma of second hand is long since gone. Another thing you may be interested in is borrowing and lending within communities. For things like parties, doing DIY, trying out new specialist tools and having visitors it makes most sense to find out if anyone around you can lend you theirs. I’m involved in a site called Ecomodo which does this. We also have a blog on wordpress (which is how I found you). We’re still pretty new – and trying hard to get members. The more members, the more useful it is. Come and take a look – let me know what you think. Meriel


  2. Yes I agree. But I’m always amazed at how the “stigma” has not disappeared sooner. I’m always amazed when I meet people who would prefer to have lower quality items, clothes etc, just so long as it is purchased new. They would have a cheap item, as a preference over something that is of the finest quality but second hand. Absolutely amazes me!


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