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The Crystal Cathedral is an excellent resource for inspiration.  I especially like to check their website whenever I have missed a church service because I can then watch a recorded church service from Crystal Cathedral.  The guest interviews are particularly motivating and I often learn useful tips.

Today’s devotional from Crystal Cathedral is I Timothy 4:14a, NIV and on their website.  Do you remember this one?  It is the one talking about gifts and talents.  In the story it talks about an employer giving coins to his servants to multiply by investments and so on.

It also reminds me of the prodestant work ethic.  Thinking about work ethic, this is not easy to achieve during a recession and many people are being made redundant or otherwise losing their jobs.  What can one do in that situation when they are wanting to work but cannot find employment.  Well, there are other options, and some of these include volunteering your time, becoming self employed and starting your own business.

In returning to the idea of our talents, the devotional concludes by saying that we can choose whether or not to utilise our talents, to study and learn new skills, and make the most of what we have.

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