Alice likes “The Life Plan”

Robert Ashton is author of “The Life Plan“.  You can listen to Ashton talking about this book on his website.  There are some very good quotes from his book that I found on a book mark from Pearson Education:

  1. Make time for yourself either weekly or daily to do something you enjoy.
  2. Look after your health; a healthy body equals a healthy mind; and remember you only have the one so treat it well.
  3. Have goals – setting even the most basic targets will enable you to focus on achieving them; celebrate each one you fulfil.
  4. Learn to admit your mistakes, but don’t agonise over them, everyone makes mistakes.  Pick yourself up, learn from it and move on.
  5. Grow in confidence – challenge yourself to do something bold that takes you out of your comfort zone.
  6. Laugh out loud – laughter has many benefits.  It’s good for your lungs and makes you happy.
  7. Sleep is crucial and you need to make sure you get enough.  If you have trouble sleeping, before going to bed soak in a hot, candle lit bath, and play some soothing music.
  8. There are two ways to see each situation, practice seeing the positive over the negative and stay away from negative people – it can be infectious!
  9. Learn to reduce your stress by being realistic.  Don’t set out to do too much and remember to celebrate what you have already achieved.

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