Alice starts a writing course

The funny thing here is that although it is spring, the weather seems to have become much cooler.  The wind here is very cool, and it makes it ideal weather for taking long walks.  The sun is out and the sky is blue and the flowers are blooming.  It is so good to see their beautiful colours.

I’ve had a most enjoyable start to today.  Its past midday and I’m still in my pajamas!  Isn’t it great 😉  I had a very long sleep in today and I woke up just in time before the plumber arrived.  He is still here right now, trying to fix the shower, in fact the shower couldn’t be fixed, so he is installing a whole new shower system.  The fire alarm went off just a few minutes ago when he was soldering.  So I jumped up and on my way grabbed a large book to take with me to fan underneath the smoke alarm – it did the trick!  Although it can be annoying when the smoke alarm goes off, it is good to know that it is in good working order 😉

I was up past midnight last night to finish my writing assignment number one.  I mentioned in my last post that I finally found all the bits and pieces for the Writers Bureau Course that I had bought a while back, but I never did any of the course work, not even the first assignment.  At long last I have finally taken the decision to work through this course and complete it.   After doing some searches in my emails to find the correct contact details, I finished my first assignment and sent it off by email – that was very exciting!   The turnaround for receiving responses on our assignments is 10 days so I will be interested to hear what the tutor/s have to say.

Now I can get started on writing assignment number two.  Now what does that involve?  Well the instructions say that I should first read modules four to six.  Just what are these modules about?  Module 4 is “How to Develop Your Writer’s Craft”; Module 5 is “How to Sell Your Writing”; and Module 6 is “Presenting Your Work”.  Well well well, these modules look very useful, and module five sounds good too, it certainly would be good to make some extra income by selling writing, that would be fantastic.  The plumber is still here, he hasn’t finished yet, but I was warned it could take a few hours. So I better sign off now and get on with reading modules 4-6.


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