Alice cheers up for Spring

I had to eat my words yesterday afternoon.  No sooner had I left the house, did I discover that it was in fact, not so cool after all!  In fact the day turned out to be considerably warm.  The sun was very strong and I am convinced there would have been many people getting sun burnt that afternoon.  I took these photos yesterday as I was out and about.  The tulips are looking good and the daffodils are breaking out of the grass here and there to make the most beautiful display.  This certainly is a beautiful time of the year, and most welcome after the dreary winter we’ve had.

This  morning was another brilliant day, and so we went outside for a stroll.  As we were approaching the University, we saw a couple of people coming out of the side entrance, and so I thought I would investigate what was going on.  The car park was full and I wondered why there were so many people about on a Saturday.  Then it occured to me that it was ‘Open Day’.  A girl walked past me carrying a  paper bag with the University logo on it, and it looked like it must have some goodies inside.  As I turned the corner to the front of the building, I came across three large buses and a couple of mini vans.  At first I wondered what all these tourist coaches are doing here, but then I realised it must be chartered buses from  high schools?  Perhaps? I don’t know, but that seems to make more sense. 

I followed the streams of people inside but the queues were a little tedious so I didn’t stay too long.  But I nevertheless managed to get a goodies bag for myself too.  Do you know what was inside?  Well, the bags were actually empty on a table and we had to join a queue to pick up the marketing materials that were in piles spread across the table.  There were pens, lollies, mints, and mini badges.  I was unfortunate enough to have a group of girls in front of me, that took what seemed forever and a time to decide exactly ‘which’ lolly they should choose, these girls appeared to be in their late teens/early twenties.  I heard one of them say, is it a red one?  No, its not is it?  Then the other girl held up a lolly in the air towards the light from the window.  After what seemed like a decade they finally moved on, but then another lady just in front of me, who appeared to be in her early forties, also did the choosing act.  I couldn’t believe it?  What is wrong with these people?  This person, however, was going through the jars of the mini badges, no doubt to select her perferred design or colour.  This behaviour did nothing to improve my blood pressure and it certainly did test my patience.

I’ve been looking into what I need to do for the next assignment.  For assignment number two I need to find a familiar magazine or publication.  After I have chosen my magazine I should write an article outline plus the full article for the magazine in question.  After having spent the best part of an hour rummaging through drawers, desks, and book cases, and flying from one room to another, I finally dug out some old magazines.  Some were more familiar than others. 

Now this is a difficult task for me, because the magazines that I like to read are about photography, jewellery, psychology, and law.  However, I do not feel that I am an expert in any of these fields and therefore I do not feel confident in writing articles for any of these magazines.  However I have done a fair bit of travelling, and I do have two magazines on hand that are travel related, so that looks like the best option for me.   I better go now and get on with it.

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