Alice remembers Anzac Day

It was Anzac Day today in  New Zealand, and I consider it to be the equivalent of ‘Remembrance Day’ in the UK.  A good friend of mine from New Zealand lives up north in Yorkshire somewhere and she drove down for the day.  I cannot remember the last time we met, but it must have been well over a year.  We certainly had a lot to catch up on and it was so good to be able to have a long chat. 

The weather was quite good today so it was the ideal opportunity to go out for a walk.  We ended up walking down to Markeaton Park.  While there we met a fascinating lady in a boutique gallery in the craft village.  We both learnt a lot about the local history of the Derbyshire Peaks district and surrounds.  So we now have a new list of places we must go and visit next time Emma is here.  Some of the places she listed were:  Elvaston Castle; Warwick castle, Haddon Hall, amongst others.

Since it was Anzac I decided it would be an appropriate time for me to make Anzac biscuits.  I had never made these biscuits before, but I located my trusted Edmonds cookbook, and diligently tried to follow the directions.  However I realised (when it was too late!) that I did not have enough butter, and in fact only had half the amount needed.  I did not hold out much hope for the biscuits, but they turned out to be quite tasty, so I think I will halve the amount of butter in future attempts.

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