Alice stops for tea at the old bakery

Well it is more of a tea room review to be specific.  The ‘Old Bakery‘ is a very special little tea room.  It is run by the National Trust and you cannot get more authentically English than these tea rooms.  My friend Phee had mentioned she wanted to try Devonshire tea since we were in Devon, and I could not help but agree, it was indeed very appropriate. 

 It was quite a mission getting down to Bramscombe.  The guidebook Phee and Steve had brought down with them had explained that it was a long village, but I hadn’t quite expected the roads to be so narrow.  Still, we managed to get through and then found ample parking down by the village hall. 

We were looking for the tearooms, but all of us were quite blind on that occasion.  It always seems to happen when it is too obvious and staring you in the face.  The tea rooms were opposite the village hall where we parked the car.  Now instead of crossing the road over to the tea rooms, we instead turned left and continued walking further down the village.  Well, what were we to know?  In any case, the exercise didn’t do us any harm, and it was good to explore the village more.  We walked past some pretty little houses, many in white, and even a building painted in white and blue that reminded me of the buildings in Santorini.  I laughed when I walked past one house in particular.  It had advertised on it, a service to bless the animals?  I wasn’t familiar with such a thing, but then again, being in a farming village I suppose it would make sense.  Then I noticed the name on the building, ‘hope’, the place certainly sounds quite religious, and I wondered whether it might be the vectory? So  many questions!


Before turning back to the car, we spotted some gorgeous sea views and then found the path down to the sea.  Except that we took the path but headed in the opposite direction back up to the car.  Along the footpath were the farms, and there were plenty of sheep there with their lambs.  The lambs were so very cute, and they were playing and having fun with each other. 

We eventually made it back to the car, and it was at that moment that we saw the sign for the tea rooms.  Ah ha, at last.  We had begun to doubt the accuracy of the guide book until then.  

The tea rooms were inside this yellow building with a gorgeous thatched roof.  The colour of the building stood out to me from the others that were mostly white.  This building was coloured like a burnt yellow.


I had the coffee cake and home pressed apple juice.  Both were very enjoyable.  The others had the devonshire tea, and I heard that the scones and cream were just perfect.  Except for the wholemeal scone, that was I was told, a little too dense and it was not popular.


Interestingly, the rest rooms are not in the building, so because it was raining that day I had to take my umbrella out with me as I crossed the field over to the outbuilding.  The out building contained the small museum on the left, and the restrooms to the right.   The little museum part also had drawings made by the children from Branscombe school.


For warmer weather you can sit outside as they had plent of picnic tables there, and with the surrounding buildings including those with thatched roofs, you will certainly enjoy the surrounds.

On our way out, Phee bought us a bag of honey fudge.  We finished the bag of fudge between us.  It was melting in my mouth and so soft and creamy rich.  The fudge was incredibly delicious and it was sad when it had gone!  However, to my delight I discovered that you can purchase that same fudge online … phew, disaster averted!


Branscombe: the Old Bakery, Manor Mill and Forge
Branscombe, Seaton, Devon EX12 3DB
Telephone: 01752 346585

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