Alice dines at Port Salut

For the bank holiday weekend we had originally planned to travel to London straight from work on Friday.  We rushed home to throw some things into our bags for the trip.  We were thirsty so had a drink, and I sat down on the couch.  I was utterly exhausted and I struggled to keep my eyes open.  Before I knew it I was waking up from a two and half hour sleep.  I couldn’t believe it!  Well that put an end to the trip to London.  A telephone call later, and we had not only changed our travel itinerary but also changed our accommodation – very efficient. 

It was the best decision.  On Saturday morning I felt sooooooooo much better, and energised.  Having changed plans, we now headed directly to Torquay.  We arrived to our destination sometime after 2pm but by that stage we were flagging.  So we decided to check in to our accommodation, take advantage of tea and coffee facilities and make full use of the couches to enjoy a good book.  I must admit I did actually fall asleep … yes again!  But that’s not out of the ordinary for me.  We met up with our friends again just before 7pm and then went into town for dinner. 

We hadn’t booked a table, and as we walked from one place to the next it became clear to us that we might not be able to find anywhere to eat.  It was the same with each restaurant.  We would check the menu from outside, and then after we had all agreed there was something there we could eat, we would walk inside and ask for a table.  The maitre’d or waitress would then say “sorry, fully booked”.   We were lucky though, we came across this beautiful and elegant building, and the restaurant was called Port Salut.  When we went inside to request a table, the waitress advised us that we were lucky as they had just received a table cancellation -whopee!

Each of us chose a different dish.  My husband had mussels, and another dish of crumbed mozzarella.  I ordered the fish boat.  The plaice was a little too small for my liking.  It was a thin fish anyway, and the piece on  my flat appeared meagre.  However the dish was tasty and it is the quality that always trumps quantity.  I ordered some chunky chips on the side and those were scrumptious.  Although I thought I would leave hungry, by the end of the night, I felt as though I had eaten a bit too much.  We were served with complimentary bread soon after being seated, and it was like a cheese twist, it was very morish.

After dinner I ordered the chocolate dessert, that turned out to be a sort of mousse, and it was delicious! This was followed by a latte, and some gorgeous chunks of brown sugar.


The service was excellent and it was a very enjoyable evening.   The background music playing as we ate was lovely.  If only we were not so tired we would have stayed a bit later, as I heard they were moving the tables to make room for a good dance floor.  Definitely a top location for a good night out.  Oh, and they even had celebrities there, well from Italy at least, as my husband spotted a gentleman sitting across from us who is a top designer in Italy.

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