Alice enjoys fish pie for lunch

Saturday 15 May 2010

Today my husband made the most scrumptious fish pie for our lunch.  This was the first time he had ever made fish pie, and I was not an expert of this, so it was a bit hit and miss.  But the result was fabulous, we ended up eating all of the fish pie between us in one sitting.  Terrible isn’t it!

First, he boiled the potatos as seen above.  While the potatos were cooking, he threw some onions and capsicums/peppers into a wok, and cooked those for a while before adding the fish and shrimps into the wok.

Next he added the milk and let this cook with the fish mix.  Then he added some flour to make the white sauce.

After the potatos were cooked he mixed them to make mashed potatos, adding some butter, salt, pepper, and spring onions (well that was my contribution!).  Next he heated up the oven, and once the fish mix was almost cooked, he distributed the fish mix in an oven dish. 

I wanted to eat the mashed potato right then, but I was overruled, as my husband made something like a shepherd pie, by spreading the mashed potatos on top of the fish pie mix.  Its a shame we didn’t have any pastry at home as that would have been a good substitute.

This cooked for approximately 20 minutes.

To accompany our lunch, my husband had also made us a refreshing fruit smoothie using our new food processor.  It was a basic food processor we bought from Curry’s that only £9 pounds, and we plan to make the most of that.    The drink was made up of a glass of milk, half a pineapple, three apples, and one banana.  It was a very fluffy drink!  We had left overs from that which we placed in the freezer, and a couple of hours later, we enjoyed our pineapple drink that had since transformed itself into a chilly sorbet/gelato.

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