Alice picnics at Keddleston Hall

Saturday 22 May 2010

A lady stood at the entrance gate to Keddleston Hall and waved us through.  The sign next to her in large black letters said “Food and drink fair”.  The reason we decided to go to Keddleston Hall today was to take advantage of the good weather, enjoy the grounds of Keddleston Hall and do some walking.  We had not been aware that there was a fair going on, and we were a little disappointed when we saw all the hundreds of cars parked on the lawn, as we felt sure there would not be enough room for us.  However, we were very fortunate.  The crowds appeared to stay down the bank on the lawn where the marquees were with the food and drink stalls.  We parked the car up the top of the estate by the hall, and managed to find a park without any problems.  To my delight, I also managed to secure a picnic table for us that was in the shade.  On a sizzling hot day this was essential in my opinion to avoid getting sunburnt, sun stroke and other negative conditions! he he.  We got just enough sun though to benefit from the positive effects of the sun, the vitamins through the skin and so on.

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After a long day out, we were exhausted, but I was also very very hungry!  So we finished the day with a barbeque at a friend’s place, that was the perfect finish.  😉

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