Alice in Collioure

It was sometime in late 2006, perhaps December, and Paloma was on a fleeting holiday where she had found some time to visit me.  Between her auditions we managed to squeeze in a short trip to Perpignan and from there we took the train to Collioure.  It was a gorgeous day, we were fortunate with the good weather.  There was a slight breeze but that was ideal for walking.  The little village set on the coast was very picturesque, and I later learnt that it is a popular spot for artists, and now I can see why.

We had a little trouble getting back to Perpignan because our train was cancelled.  We diligently waited at the station though, for the next train to arrive.  It was already past 10pm and it was very dark, so we really did not have any other option.  About an hour later, another train came along, and it was the over night train.  So we boarded the train and made ourselves comfortable in the cabin.  It was quite luxurious for standard.  We had our own full length mattress in bunk, and we were provided with a little overnight bag, that included water, sleeping mask, ear plugs, tissues, and a snack.  The train had originated from Paris, and I do not know where its final destination was, but all we needed to know was that it was stopping off at Perpignon.  We got back okay, and fortunately our hotel wasn’t too far to walk from the train station.  The next day we explored more of Perpignan and went into a historic building.  There was also some sort of function going on in part of the buildings, and that was interesting to see what they were doing too.

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