Here it was again, our second year anniversary of our wedding.  We did not plan anything, again, but we had a very peaceful and relaxing time.  I had the best and longest sleep in ever, I really needed it!  So by the time I got up half the day was over already.  Then it was time we decided to go into town to buy a lawn mower.  We had seen specials advertised on TV for the holiday bank weekend.  Having compared the different prices of lawn mowers from across various stores on the internet, we had chosen our store and model and drove into town to collect it.

We collected the mower, dropped it back home, and then went out to the country to visit my family for afternoon tea.  It was good to see her again.  They had just returned from a couple of weeks in the Cotswolds.  I heard the trip had been a great success, with the good weather and all the Stately homes she had enjoyed visiting.  We then got onto the subject of the membership with the National Trust and after looking through their booklet I discovered they have many houses near us that I could visit to take advantage of such a membership.  There was the Keddleston Hall that we went to the other weekend.  Then there is also Calke Abbey.  Another one mentioned was Shugborough Estate, that was formerly owned by the Earl of Lichfield.  That is in Staffordshire, and is on the other side of us to the Peaks District.

After all this talk my husband was convinced, and promised to get us a joint membership to the National Trust!  That was excellent news, and I am really looking forward to going to visit all these places.  We are hoping to head to north Wales in late July/August, so will need to start planning now.

When we got home it was more housework, yes it never ends.  So I did another couple of rounds of dishes, until I had filled two and  a half dish racks.  Yes, Daniel, you would not recognise the place.  After a week of both of us tackling the kitchen throughout the past week, we have finally got it back under control!  While I was still doing the dishes, my diligent husband was outside taking fresh air.  Having assembled our newly acquired lawn mower, he plugged it into the extension cord and took to our overgrown lawn.  It really looks beautiful now – what a difference it makes!

Well who knew we would make it to our second Anniversary, I do think it is quite an achievement.  With time we have got to know one another better and our marriage has strengthened as a result.  So we certainly do have something to celebrate.  I have been thinking about our tenth anniversary, and I really do think we should do something special then, maybe a renewal of vows?  I have plenty of time to start organising things if I start soon.

My Mother sent me a lovely email this morning as follows:

May you always grow into deeper understanding of yourselves in everything that you do BODY, MIND and SOUL…  So long as you have you FAITH in your marriage, and in God.  Have a great ANNIVERSARY make sure you have kind word to each others and have time for yourselves.

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