Alice at the Degree Show

Sadly, I was not able to take advantage of my ticket to the private viewing.  However I found out later that the private viewing to the 2010 Degree Show in Derby was far too crowded so it would have been difficult to see much in any case.  It was and is indeed a very popular event.  I had a look through their exhibition today.  There was a large number of people looking around at lunch time, so I waited until the end of the day before I headed back to look around. 

I am particularly interested in what the fashion graduates have produced.  Although there were samples of work from the textiles graduates, there was sadly nothing on show from the fashion students.  To see their work you needed to attend their fashion show.  The fashion show was this afternoon at the Assembley Hall in Derby. If you missed that, and you can find your way down to London, then you can still see the work of the fashion graduates as it will be displayed at Earl’s Court during the Graduate Fashion Week.  You can read more about this on the blog for Art’s Thread.

The portfolios of the graphic design students, with their published books were very impressive.  As were the portfolios of the photography students. 

 The graduates of Film will be holding a screening of their work at the Quad cinema at 6pm on Monday 7 June 2010.  Tickets to see their films are free, but must be booked directly from Quad in person or by telephone at 01332 290 606.  The exhibition of graduate work in crafts and arts, continues at Markeaton Street and Britannia Mill until 12 June 2010.

I just adore this gorgeous gold fabric above, and don’t the evening purses look fantastic!

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